The cool morning breeze

The bright caressing sun

Saw all and sundry moving about, relaxed

The weekend was very calm

Thanks to the peace in the country.

But lo!





What was it?

Something devastating!

The smell of sudden and instant death,

Gunshots from all sides

Through the aisles trembling silhouettes ran

To get away from the metallic gadgets of doom.

Westgate was a death trap!

For women, men and children

Their innocence unknown,

Uncared for!

Blood! Blood! Blood!

Bodies! Bodies! Bodies!

The young terrorists,

All cares thrown to the wind, 

Were out to kill

To maim, to scare

The debris told it all!

Tribal boundaries,

Political differences,

Religious intolerance,

All were bundled into the abyss of hatred

And out came love, unity and in one song,

Blood, money, ambulances, cars, people,

Were a shield for the victims

And the bereaved.

The unflinching ICC was also touched

Letting the DP to get back home

To join his countrymen.

Slippery they were!

A whole police force

A whole army

A whole country

Could not get them!

Many hours of aggression went by

At last they were cornered!

What befitted them was done to them!

Oneness! Oneness!