Wycliffe was a very sensuous man. The evening I went for a cup of tea remains etched in my mind. After tea he asked me to join him for dinner which we prepared together. While the beef stew was simmering he went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He had left the radio cassette playing some romantic music that I loved because I had watched its video back at home. He had been very excited about it because I was able to describe each and every artiste as I had seen them.
When he came back to the kitchen he grabbed me and gave me such a hot and deep kiss that I couldn’t resist. He then showed me how to make ugali since it was something I had never made. We ate quickly because I had to go to my house to sleep.

He held my hand begging me to stay. His touch sent me gasping with spasms of sensual excitement and before I knew it he had carried me into his bed. When he made love to me for the fist time, it gave me a feeling that I never felt before! The tenderness, the soft caresses, the sweet and wholesome kisses and eventually the throbbing manhood that got into my hot juicy womanhood so smoothly, so slowly, so stiffly and warmly made me yell with inexpressible excitement. I was at the top of the mountain. It was even made sweeter, more exciting and more fulfilling by his ravenous manly gasps. Oh! How we were both carried into an unending utopia of romance. This feeling was real, so real that it consumed both of us in a wild fire of desire. We had inexhaustible energy and went on and on and on until we got worn out and lay stretched out on the bed in total nudity and fell into a deep sleep of heavenly fulfillment. That marked the beginning of a life-long romance.
When we woke up in the middle of the night I asked him about himself. He told me he was thirty and that he wasn’t married but had two small children. He also told me that he had not put up a house because he had no one to take care of it.
I then told him that I was twenty three and had a daughter whom I loved very much and that anyone who would marry me would have to take her in too.
He then asked me to marry him and said that he was more than willing to adopt my daughter.
I then told him that I had not thought about marriage and so we needed to give ourselves time as marriage was a life-time commitment.
He agreed but said that nothing would ever make him stop loving me : his love for me has always been fresh and stronger every new day for the last over thirty years and indeed nothing and no one has ever made him stop loving me one single moment of our life together.
Similarly, my love for him has forever been bottomless. He has unconditionally loved our four beautiful and loving daughters and our grandsons. We shall give the same love to all our other grandchildren whom God will bless us with.

Chapter 4 – Nanzushi

It became clear to all our colleagues that there was something hot going on. This sent torrents of jealousy in most of them including the headmaster, Mr. Nanzushi. By virtue of his position, he summoned me to his office one afternoon with the selfish plan of dissuading me from going on with my love affair with Wycliffe.
“Kagendo,” he began. “I’ve called you here to discuss your relationship with Wycliffe.”
On that note I made a firm decision not to discuss anything with him but to sit and listen to what he had to say.
“I know Wycliffe has promised you a lot of things. He might even have promised you the sun but I would like, as a father, to advise you. You come from very far and I wouldn’t like to see you going back home a disillusioned lady.” He said. “You’re beautiful and charming,” he continued, “and any man, including me, can fall head over heels in love with you. I would like to help you make the right decision. Have you ever been to Wycliffe’s home?”
I then remembered that Wycliffe had borrowed a friend’s car one night after having taken me out to Golf Hotel in Kakamega town. He had taken me to his father’s home which was about eight kilometers from the school . I also recalled having met his elderly parents who were very warm to me. His ever smiling father, Isaiah, who had been a retired police inspector and later on a tour guide even happened to know a lot about my home district–Meru. That was rather surprising but also encouraging.
So I looked at Mr. Nanzushi and said, “Yes, Sir.”
He was surprised but feigned concern and asked.
“Well, whom did you meet?”
“His parents, Sir.”
“Anyone else?”
“No, sir.”
“Well,” he continued, “it’s not surprising. Everyone else must have been told to keep off. Anyway, I would like you to know that I have known Wycliffe for a long time. He is a very promiscuous man who already has three wives and several children. Do you want to be his fourth wife? I wouldn’t want you, young as you are, to be entangled in such a mess. Or . . . what do you say?”
“Nothing, sir,” I answered.
“Well, go and think about it and give me feedback soon.”
“I will, sir.”
The talk turned out to be fruitless and Mr. Nanzushi decided he would do everything within his power to break up the two love-birds.

Chapter 5 – The Confrontation

I left the office more amused than annoyed. I later narrated to Wycliffe what had transpired in the office and he was also very amused.
Our intimacy grew even stronger oblivious of the jealousy and the prying eyes around us and we made love madly early in the morning before going to work, during lunch time and of course at night. We beamed with the radiance that comes when one has boundless love.
This went on but it did not augur very well with our colleagues and the fifty-two year old headmaster who had also shown a very keen interest in me.
In the third month of my relationship with Wycliffe, Nanzushi wrote a formal letter to him asking him to produce a marriage certificate between him and I or to show cause why he shouldn’t be interdicted for co-habiting with a teacher trainee.
On receiving the letter he went to seek clarification from Nanzushi before responding to it. He therefore went to the headmaster’s office and found him taking his mid-morning tea.
He looked up and said, “Yes Wycliffe, what can I do for you?”
Wycliffe sat on a visitor’s chair and said, “Sir, I have just received this letter from you and I kindly request you to clarify its content before I respond to it.”
“Go and ask that through writing,” the dictatorial headmaster retorted.
Wycliffe insisted on a clarification and this enraged the headmaster who picked up his tea cup, hurled it at him across the room but he ducked and it hit the wall behind him breaking into pieces that cluttered the floor.
Wycliffe then realised that the headmaster was geared up for physical war when the latter, a short plump old man, left his seat and strode across the room to where he was seated and held him tightly by his collar.

Chapter six – The Painting

Wycliffe had always been a very sober young man but when provoked he would always defend himself.
He therefore stood up and taking advantage of his height he landed blows on the headmaster’s head and the latter released his grip but continued throwing blows into the air missing his target.
Suddenly Wycliffe saw some four litre cans of gloss wall paint at a corner in the office. He got hold of one of them and in his rage landed it squarely on the headmaster’s head. It popped open releasing thick glossy Bermuda blue paint on the headmaster right from the head, through his face making him blind, down to his feet. He ended up sitting on the paint on the floor. He started yelling calling for help as he tried to wipe his face resulting to a painted face.
Wycliffe had been careful not to have any of the splashes landing on him. He sat on a visitor’s seat watching with puffed up laughter at the blue blind man on the floor as he kept groping for any assistance. Due to the sticky nature of the paint the headmaster couldn’t even stand up.
At that moment teachers rushed from the staffroom which was a few meters away towards the office to go and rescue a man whose yelling was incomprehensible but they found the door locked. They landed several heavy kicks on it and it gave way revealing the chaos in the office, the helpless heap of the painted blind headmaster choking in the paint and the very composed and indifferent Wycliffe seated , unscathed by the paint.
“Wycliffe, what has happened?” asked the teachers in unison.
“I don’t know,” he replied.
“Why is the headmaster in this state?” asked one of them.
“Ask him,” he said comically. This kind of an answer was very peculiar to Wycliffe and so it didn’t surprise the teachers.
Whatever was revealed in the normally neat office was a sight to behold and many were bewildered but not Wycliffe.
Two of the teachers helped the headmaster out of the office to his house which was right across the field past the classrooms. When the boys saw him they started marvelling at the sight and wished that something irreversible had happened to the tyrannical headmaster so that he wouldn’t have to be in the school anymore. The path along which he walked was all painted Bermuda blue up to his house. The students immediately started drawing elaborate cartoons on all blackboards and on papers and pinned them on all notice boards. This caused a commotion in the school. The drawing was also taken up by a nearby school, Mukumu girls’ school.
Shortly after the headmaster had gone out of the office Wycliffe walked out to go to his house to cool off. As he walked beside the painted path all the students shouted through the classroom windows as word had gone round that he had beaten and painted the headmaster.
“Bravo sir,” Some shouted.
“You have taught him a wonderful lesson,” others shouted.
“Ye, ye, ye, thumbs up,” and they broke into song and dancing.
Just like the students, I was very happy about the situation because I also felt Wycliffe was being unnecessarily harassed. In fact I hoped that the headmaster would learn to keep his wide nose to himself and stop poking it into lovers’ affairs. I had been so ignorant about professional code of conduct that I didn’t know that such a romantic relationship between members of the same staff was unethical.
As a result of that scuffle, Wycliffe was interdicted for “insubordination and for having an affair with a teacher trainee on the same staff”. This didn’t hinder us from going on with the affair as we had got to a point of no return.
The headmaster then sued Wycliffe for assault and a breach of peace. He thought he would sail through smoothly and felt he didn’t need a lawyer. We got a very good practicing lawyer, Mr. Aggrey Shitsama, who rubbished the case at the high court in Kakamega because of lack of any tangible evidence and that it was one’s word against the other. Wycliffe was ceremoniously acquitted to the chagrin of his accuser and enemies especially the teachers who had accepted to be witnesses of the complainant.
This even tightened the bond between the two of us and especially since I was hopefully finishing my teaching practice and graduating soon.

Chapter seven – Blackmail

The principal of Siriba Teachers’ Training College, Mr. Omondi, was a tall, dark, heavy-built no nonsense man. As far as he was concerned discipline was paramount and he expected this from his students.
However, he was also known to be the most irresponsible philanderer who used his office to intimidate women. No wonder he had three neglected wives!
When Mr. Nanzushi wrote to the college about my conduct, Omondi wrote immediately through the him instructing me to go to the college at once. This was three weeks before the graduation ceremony.
I was well aware of a good number of students who had been disqualified from graduating and had to re-do the teaching practice. I was certain I wasn’t prepared for this but Omondi was very unpredictable.
I heeded to the instruction and went to see the principal. I waited at the reception office since the receptionist informed me that the dean of students, Mr. Ayo, was in a discussion with the principal. After a while Mr. Ayo came out and the receptionist ushered me into the principal’s office.
Needless to say, I was all jelly as I had never met Mr. Omondi face to face. I was also uncertain of the sentence that he would pass on me. I therefore walked into the huge brightly lit office with a lot of misgivings. My faltering steps led me to the far end of the red carpeted office where the imposing giant of a principal sat, busily going through a thick file.
“Excuse me sir, good morning,” I started.
“Good morning young lady. What can I do for you?” He asked with a metallic face.
“Sir, I am Kagendo Riungu and I’m doing my teaching practice at Mukumu boys’ high school. The headmaster told me that you said I should come to see you urgently,” I explained.
“Oh yes. Take a seat Kagendo.”
I sat on the heavy cushioned seat and faced Mr. Omondi.
“Now Kagendo tell me,” he started. “What is this ugly saga that is going on between you and a regular teacher in that school?”
I was taken aback and remained silent.
He continued, “Kagendo, whatever is happening has tarnished the otherwise good name of this esteemed training institution and has wrecked the ideal professionalism that we have inculcated in you. It contradicts the tenets of teaching. One thing I know is that you are aware that we are not ready to compromise discipline with immorality. Therefore, do you have any defence at all before I give you my verdict”
It then occurred to me that a decision had earlier been made and this was likely to be a turning point for the worst. I started imagining the disappointment my disqualification would cause in my parents. I could also hear the sarcastic laughter from those who had never wanted to see me succeed. I could also hear a voice telling me not to be intimidated since my pride couldn’t allow me. I also heard Wycliffe’s voice telling me that for the sake of our love, I should swallow my pride, humble myself and plead for forgiveness.
I had to make a choice and so I chose the option that favoured my love to Wycliffe and began to plead.
“Sir, I admit that I have made a grievous mistake which has compromised the tenets of teaching which I have been taught in this institution. Sir, I am sincerely sorry and I ask you for forgiveness. I also promise never to repeat it. I swear that I will be a role model to fellow students and all those that I will interact with. Thank you, sir.”
Mr. Omondi eased his countenance with every word that I uttered . By the time I spoke the last word he was already beaming with a wide smile that revealed his tainted upper teeth and the lower gap that had once been occupied by six strong teeth.
“Kagendo,” he said. “I am glad to hear that. However, I would like to hear that again and I therefore want to meet you at a more convenient place where you will repeat those words then I can make my decision.”
“But sir, . . .”
“No but.” He interrupted. “Remember the graduation ceremony is only three weeks away. Therefore, let’s meet in Ugunja town in a hotel called Savanna Land on Saturday, which is three days from now, at six p.m. Is that clear?”
I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I was in a daze and hoped that at the time I woke up it all would be a dream never to come true. For a split second the principal was invisible. I began imagining his nudity and wondering how I would avoid body contact with him. I knew he was even capable of raping me and causing serious injury since I had heard nasty things about him severally. Yet I really wanted my certificate in diploma but between me and the certificate stood this monster of a man.
I was roused back to reality by the tall man standing right in front of me.
He asked “Kagendo, did you hear what I said?” I was mesmerised and didn’t know how to behave since my entire future depended on him. I was in a predicament but had no option but to accept resolving to beat him at his own game.
I timidly said, “Yes sir’”
“Don’t fail,” he said with a finality.
“I won’t sir,” I replied.
Just then there was a knock on the door and Mr. Omondi rushed back to his seat and wore his metallic face before saying, “Come in.”
As the receptionist walked in I stood up and said, “Thank you,sir,’ as I hurriedly walked towards the door and out of the office.
That was the worst nightmare of my life!

Chapter Eight – The Rendezvous

When I got back to school, I was very devastated. I was even at a loss to tell Wycliffe what had transpired between Omondi and I. However, he encouraged me to talk about it and I told him everything. I also mentioned to him that I had misgivings about the meeting. He urged me to keep my promise of going to meet the rogue principal.
When the day came I wore my blue jeans and white polo neck sweater and went to meet Omondi.
The journey took about two hours and I apprehensively arrived. I looked around Ugunja shopping centre but did not spot the man. After about half an hour I decided to go back to the bus stop and catch a bus back to Mukumu since it was getting late.
As I was walking to the bus stop unconcerned about the would-be outcome of my unwise decision, I heard someone calling my name from behind. When I turned around, what I saw was very telling. There was the shameless Omondi dressed in light blue jeans, white T-shirt, a cap, sunglasses and sports shoes like a truck driver. At a closer look, he seemed fully prepared for his catch!
I confidently walked towards him with an unwavering determination to out-do him in his own wiles. Together we walked to the hotel where we sat and he excused himself to go and make an order for some drinks. Little did I know that the order meant a private room at the hotel.He later on came back proudly carrying a key in his thumb-less left hand.
He then asked me to follow him and I grudgingly obeyed. The room was neat with an annoyingly imposing bed.
I was served soda while Omondi was served wine after which the waiter left. We took the drinks in irritating silence.
“Kagendo, what do you say about the young man?” He suddenly asked.
“He is a good teacher and I love him,” I replied.
“It’s good to hear that,” he said. However, between you and your certificatestands a choice: making love to me or forfeiting the certificate.”
This shocked me so much that I couldn’t respond. He then started making suggestive romantic moves but I moved further away. He got very enraged and stood at the door and told me to make up my mind or I would suffer. He then said that he was going out of the room and by the time he came back I should have an answer. He then went out banging the door behind him.
His short- lived departure gave me enough time to make up my mind. Though it was late I decided to leave immediately without giving a damn to whatever might happen. I immediately boarded a vehicle to Mukumu back to Wycliffe’s loving arms.
As was expected, I received a letter from the college telling me that I didn’t qualify to graduate and that I would have to repeat the teaching practice.
I therefore waited for the following year, repeated my teaching practice at St. Mary’s Yala and graduated.
All that time we were living as a couple with Wycliffe and after the graduation we lived together happily ever after.