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Compositions inspired by the Love of God, Family, Friends: Life

This is about speaking from the heart. This about touching  Lives,  This is about Love


My love for God is unwavering. I am what I am and who I am because of His undying love for me. His Grace has always been sufficient to see me surmount the most unexpected obstacles.

My next love is undoubtedly my family. My charming and caring husband; my four beautiful, brilliant, loving and charming daughters; my responsible and focused sons-in-law and my grandchildren have always given me reason to magnify the Most High God. As a mother, nothing gives me more satisfaction than a genuinely happy and loving family. Our family is grounded firmly on unshakeable friendship among the family members. We all care for each other.

Love and Life

I get special satisfaction in farming: chicken, beekeeping, cows and growing all sorts of fruits: bananas, pawpaw, tree tomato, passion fruits, guavas,lemons and mangoes. It’s all very interesting when any of the projects fails for one reason or

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Tribulations Of Shango – Chapter 1

I was just a few months away from clearing my two-year diploma in education course in Siriba Teachers’ College in Maseno. I was already beginning to miss this institution that had been my home for a time that was seemingly very short yet it had meant a great deal to...

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The beckon is calling, Calling us to bring him before the world, And intelligently penetrate through  His Luciferous mind For there’s something Something intelligently devilish about him. Chorous Osama! Osama! You are the Lucifer alive, No amount of ramification...

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Service Above All

Dear Rotarians I have felt your tender touch Without you knowing it Rotarians, I have known your warmth and love In spite of your distance I, who talk to you today Admire your self-giving Your motto “Service Above All” Has never been truer I am because of you. Six...

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The cool morning breeze The bright caressing sun Saw all and sundry moving about, relaxed The weekend was very calm Thanks to the peace in the country. But lo! Gunshots! Screams! Shouting! Scampering! What was it? Something devastating! The smell of sudden and instant...

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Oh Save Me

I was once scenic Tourists loved the cool unpolluted air, The magnificence and beauty of the tall trees With Mama Mutere in the lead And the abundant animal life Where is all this? Where is Kakamega Forest? Oh! Save Me! The biodiversity was breathtaking, Birds:...

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Welcome to Kagesh

Welcome to Kagesh, A blog inspired by the love of God, family, and friends. Family My love for God is unwavering. I am what I am and who I am because of His undying love for me. His Grace has always been sufficient to see me surmount the most unexpected obstacles. My...

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Art is man’s constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him.

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