The beckon is calling,

Calling us to bring him before the world,

And intelligently penetrate through 

His Luciferous mind

For there’s something

Something intelligently devilish about him.


Osama! Osama!

You are the Lucifer alive,

No amount of ramification

Will ever compensate 

The atrocities you have mercilessly committed

Morning awoke graciously

And everyone excitedly worked

As if intending to leave this accursed world

Better than they found it

And then BANG!. . . CRASH!. . .

Leaving everything in a shambles

In a short time, 

Mankind ever had in his wildest dreams,

The once epitome of International Economic Success

That was proudly standing reverently,

Soaring high above the normal,

Was flattened to a mole-hill.

The epitome also carried human creation,

Whose flow of life,

Suddenly reddened the mourning earth,

Leaving the world overflowing with tears,

That will never be wiped.

To the mighty America,

To the bereaved,

And the rest of the mourning world,

Let no other Osama be born,

And let the one that was so ominously alive,

And was so dramatically exterminated

Remain fastened to his grave.