I was once scenic

Tourists loved the cool unpolluted air,

The magnificence and beauty of the tall trees

With Mama Mutere in the lead

And the abundant animal life

Where is all this? Where is Kakamega Forest?

Oh! Save Me!

The biodiversity was breathtaking,

Birds: Pelican, Heron, Eagle, Parrot, Crane

Animals: Bush Pig, Monkey, Baboon, Bat, Leopard

Snakes: Cobra, Mamba, Viper

Insects: Butterfly, Beetle, Flower Mantis, Millipede, Spider

All made one beautiful component

Oh! Save Kakamega Forest

Oh! Save Me!

All the other trees, creepers and undergrowth

Combine to create the beauty,

The canopy is the umbrella

That protects all what is beneath it

But the greedy eye only grabs for the money

From firewood, building poles, furniture, traditional medicines

And cattle grazing

Leaving me undressed, naked

Oh! Save Kakamega Forest

Oh! Save Me!

I am Mama Mutere, the oldest Elgon Teak

Known for the beauty of my stature

And my hardness is comparable to none

But these have jeopardized my existence

As I also make the most durable and beautiful furniture

Oh! Save Kakamega Forest

Oh! Save Me!

Here I am,

Dejected, dilapidated, lonely,

No longer vibrant

No longer beautiful and attractive

Kakamega Forest no longer a name of pride but shame,

Oh! Save Kakamega Forest!

Oh! Save Me!

I am the only Tropical Rainforest in Kenya

Making Kakamega the most viable agricultural region

As I make the most dependable rain

Yet my value is taken for granted

Oh! Save Kakamega Forest!

Oh! Save me!

You and you and you …

Who will save Kakamega Forest?

Who will save Me!

Will you? Will you? Will you? Or… will you?

Oh! Save Kakamega Forest!

Oh! Save Me!