The cool morning breeze

The bright caressing sun

Saw all and sundry moving about, relaxed

The weekend was very calm

Thanks to the peace in the country.

But lo !

Gunshots !

Screams !

Shouting !

Scampering !

What was it ?

Something devastating !

The smell of sudden and instant death,

Gunshots from all sides

Through the aisles trembling silhouettes ran

To get away from the metallic gadgets of doom.

Westgate was a death trap !

For women, men and children

Their innocence unknown,

Uncared for !

Blood! Blood! Blood!

Bodies! Bodies! Bodies!

The young terrorists,

All cares thrown to the wind, 

Were out to kill

To maim, to scare

The debris told it all !

Tribal boundaries,

Political differences,

Religious intolerance,

All were bundled into the abyss of hatred

And out came love, unity and in one song,

Blood, money, ambulances, cars, people,

Were a shield for the victims

And the bereaved.

The unflinching ICC was also touched

Letting the DP to get back home

To join his countrymen.

Slippery they were !

A whole police force

A whole army

A whole country1Eou:2l2[3VUoD

Could not get them !

Many hours of aggression went by

At last they were cornered !

What befitted them was done to them !

Oneness! Oneness!